1.How do I register myself as an artist on Artistry Arts?

Answer: For register just click on the register now button. Our team will then contact you and will take your registration forwar

2. Can artists outside of India also register on Artistry Arts?

Answer: Yes, You can register.

3. If I register on Artistry Arts, can I also register elsewhere?

Answer: Yes, you can register elsewhere Also, in case you sell these artworks on your own, you have to inform us within 3 hours.

4. How many artwork can I upload?

Answer: You can submit maximum 5 artworks.

5. How do I price my artworks?

Answer: Its totally on you how much you want for your artwork but don’t ask too much.

6. What happens if the work is not sold?

Answer: We will try our 100% to get clients for your artwork. And all artist will get E-Certificate.

7. How do I know if my artwork is sold?

Answer: We will inform you if your artwork is sold.
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